Dan Walsh - Experience

Dan is a graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering and the 103rd Auctioneer in North America to receive the prestigious designation of Benefit Auctioneer Specialist. He has "gone the extra mile" to offer the highest level of professionalism and the most up-to-date information by earning the BAS designation. Offered through the National Auctioneers Association, the BAS course covers topics such as fundraising, event planning, item acquisition, audience development, contractual agreements, public relations and more. Less than 1% of Auctioneers throughout North America hold the BAS Designation.

  • Dan has over 11 years experience as an Auctioneer and 18 years as a Fund Raising Consultant.
  • He has hosted elite VIP Events, corporate and non-profit fund raising events. International programs include:
    • London
    • Florence
    • Geneva
    • Toronto
    • Vancouver
    • The Orient Express
  • National events include:
    • Rainbow Room, New York City
    • The Navy Pier and Field Museum, Chicago
    • Disney's Epcot Center, Orlando
    • The Kimmel Center, Philadelphia
    • The MGM Grand, Las Vegas
    • Bellagio Resort, Las Vegas
  • In Southern California, from Bakersfield to San Diego, Barstow to Laguna Beach the OC Emcee has helped organizations by supporting their Mission and exceeding their goals.

People attend Benefit Auctions to support the cause and have fun. The OC Emcee sells your organization's needs and provides Humorous Entertainment. Positive Results. ™

Call Dan at 714.343.1807 for a no obligation meeting. We look forward to serving you.